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Bible Teaching

Our primary area of focus is strong Bible-based teaching, which finds its expression in a number of ways. Our worship services on Sunday are largely given to Bible teaching and preaching.

Also according to the general teaching of the New Testament, our Wednesday night activity is devoted to prayer.

Our strong missions emphasis is yet another expression of the value we place on the imperative message contained in the Bible. The main areas of focus in our church are an outgrowth of a desire to allow the dictates of Scripture to mould every aspect of our lives. (II Tim 3:16-17)

Young People

A focal point of TBBC is our young people. By God’s grace, we are purposefully training our children to be a spiritually strong generation, from which God can raise up missionaries and church leaders for the future.

One of our goals is to foster a love of godly music in our young people. This is a major component of our strategy to protect them from the evil influences of the contemporary youth culture, which is largely music-driven. We avoid fostering a separate subculture with our youth. Instead, we work hard at integrating our young people with all age levels in very practical ways.

The focus is on teaching them how “by love [they can] serve one another.” (Gal 5:13)