Are There Any Answers?

Why Don’t I Have True Peace?

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Discerning Godly Music

Presented by Pastor James West

Parts 1,2,5 & 6.

Download Discerning Godly Music: Part 1, Part 2, Part 5, Part 6,

Sanctification & Your Music

Presented by Pastor Graham West

“Sanctification and Your Music” is a series of 7 messages that address key theological aberrations in contemporary Christian thought.

Messages 1-3 focus on the contemporary “grace” trend and expose it for what it really is: antinomianism. Messages 4-6 show from church history that the true church has been characterised by separation from apostasy, not by unity at all costs.

The final message explodes the idea that Christians must have a word-for-word Scriptural basis for the formation of Godly standards.

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Who Really is the Weaker Brother?

Presented by Pastor Graham West

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The Rhythm of Rock

These five videos will help bring clarity to the whole area of music discernment. They teach about a unique kind of syncopation that Pastor West calls “beat anticipation.” Each video builds on the previous one, analysing, illustrating and defining this rhythmic device in precise musical terms. Clear illustrations of how beat anticipation engenders sensual body movements are given.

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Music and Your Church

These five messages expose CCM for what it really is, an unbiblical form of rebellious, counterfeit worship. The last message offers practical advice to parents and pastors on how to guide their young people through the musical maze of subtle and not so subtle dangers.

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The History of Western Music

The History of Western Music is a logical starting place for a Christian musician who is serious about forming a Biblical music philosophy. These three lectures give a brief overview tracing the development of Western music. They demonstrate clearly that all music is the expression of philosophical belief. They also give us a framework of reference by which we can evaluate the many voices speaking to us about music in the context of the church today.

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Essential Theory of Rhythm

These two lectures in music theory provide information on the basic essentials of rhythm. They are intended to be preparatory for those who have no musical training and want to better understand the material presented in the Rhythm of Rock lectures.

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God of Wonders

Disclaimer: TBBC does not necessarily endorse all the music used on these videos.