Arrows – all ages Friday Nights

Arrows acrostic - Attentiveness, Reverence, Respect, Obedience, Wisdom, Servanthood - James West is the Arrows director at Tamworth Bible Baptist Church Tamworth At Arrows, we esteem every young person’s life to be extremely valuable. Our primary objective, regardless of their background or past, is to point them to a saving knowledge of Christ. Beyond this, (as you can see displayed in the ARROWS acrostic) we desire to see Christ’s character formed in each one of these precious lives, that we may present each of them “perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Col 1:28) This is achieved through our interactive Bible teaching, and also through the wise counsel of our leaders who love Christ and care for His own.

With fast-paced, exciting games, requiring rigorous effort—both in teams and individually— young people will find the Friday night activities challenging and very enjoyable. This is then followed by sound Biblical teaching, where the truth of God’s Word is not compromised with the popular relativistic philosophies that young people are sadly exposed to today.

Our desire is that each child and young person may know God personally, and have a Biblical perception of their world, including the issues and struggles that they must face. It is our goal that each one may be effective in overcoming and confronting the evil that pervades our world because of Satan and sin. Indeed, we want them to be arrows—polished shafts, which will penetrate and destroy the devices of darkness(Psalm 127:4,5), in order to show other young people the path of joyful service, freedom, peace, and hope that God holds out to them in his son Jesus Christ.

Arrows is held most Fridays outside of school holidays.


131 Gunnedah Road,


6:30pm – 8:30pm


  • Indoor Games
  • Bible Message
  • Singing
Services at our building have now recommenced. We are taking precautions to stay safe and follow government guidelines and regulations in light of COVID19.Service times