When Fear Assails – Psalm 56:3

Psalm 56:3 ‘What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.’

There are times when fear comes in like a flood, tossing our minds head-over-heels, and dumping us with neck-breaking force on the sandy bottom. Looking up, we gasp for breath, and wonder how our hearts plummeted so quickly into such a desolating condition. The same thing happened to David, when he was taken in Gath. His fears possessed him, and he scrabbled on the gates like a madman. After surveying the wreckage this fear brought into his heart and mind, he must have decided, ‘I need to get a grip. I must put my trust in God, and keep it there.’ What we read in verse 3 is a deliberate decision to trust God from this time and forward. Believer, you may have lain, spiritually winded, face-up at the bottom of all your fears, wondering if you would breathe again. Confess your sin of despondency and despair, and resolve to trust in God from this time and forward.

David went further than this. He said, ‘In God I will praise his word…’ In another psalm he says that unless God’s Word had been his delight, he should soon have perished in his affliction. Make God’s Word your delight, brethren. Enfold yourself in its life-giving pages. The Bible and its promises are a refuge to those who diligently seek Him. In the Bible, God will reveal Himself to you…yes, Himself, and His Word shall be your impregnable fortress. Praise God for His precious Word! It is that which reveals our living God, and has sustained us through many a trial. Bookmark your soul in some psalm or Scripture verse – some promise or provision; there are many such flowers in God’s garden. If you enter, you will doubtless find delight and consolation within its protective walls.

Again, David says, ‘…In the LORD will I praise his word.’ In Jehovah we live and move, and have our being. In His strength, we shall be raised to see the all-sufficiency of His eternal Word. (Isaiah 26:4) ‘Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.’ We shall find all-sustaining power in the Self-sustaining, Self-existent One. He has prepared wonderful things for those that love Him – truths that will lift us far above our dreary fears, just as the ark carried Noah above the crushing depths. My soul, gaze into His Word eternally. Guaranteed, you shall find cause for everlasting praise.

Pastor James West

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