The Humble Mind of Christ

Philippians 2:8 ‘And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.’

What is the secret to truly being a blessing to others? What is it in the mind of Christ that truly enabled Him to consider the needs of others above His own? It was His humility. He sought only the glory of His Father, and the triumph of truth and righteousness. Glory for Himself would not be glory if He should bypass these purposes.

O the grandeur of being an illustrious benefactor of goodness and kindness in the eyes of humanity! O to add to our sense of self-importance this one crown jewel, and what a credential we would feel we have purchased! No, this was not the way with Jesus. He sought the praise of God, not the praise of men. A humble servant may not enjoy the luxury of such self-adulation, when he seeks the praise that comes from God only.

In 1 Corinthians 4:2-4, we see that Paul had the same mindset. He was willing to wait for the time when God would make manifest the hidden counsels of the hearts, and would render praise and reward to him.

There must needs be a dissolving of the tough outer exterior of the seed, and a certain falling into the ground, if it would release the life that resides within. There must be a relinquishing of perceived rights. Did not Jesus know that He was equal with the Father? Therefore, He left that matter in the Father’s hands.

There must be a yielding in obedience to the mighty hand of the Father upon us. There must be an acceptance of His plan. There must be a surrender to the crucifying power of the cross. There must be a willingness to be plunged down into the troughs of the waves, while the horizons of personal greatness and perceived success disappear behind the mighty waves of Providence that surround us.

If we would effectively focus on the needs of others, then we must also lose sight of ourselves, and die to that sight, leaving all praise and reward to the perfect judgment of Jesus Christ.

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