Planted Together

Romans 6:5 ‘For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.’

What a comforting thought this is for believers! The winter dormancy of the rose plant reveals its cracked and gnarled stems and its hideous thorns. But it is certain that the season will come when it will put forth new shoots, and that it will without doubt bud and bloom.

Notice that we are planted together with Christ. We are not alone in this planting. We have been planted with Christ. (Col 3:3) ‘…Your life is hid with Christ in God.’ Christ is our faithful companion all the way. We are hidden with Him. We are planted with Him. He leads the way, and we follow Him in it. Ours is the cross, the tomb, and the skies. Locked in unbreakable union with Christ, He carries us through all. Death and life work in us in the present, and all the while our lives are hid with Christ in God, with the sure expectation of the manifestation of the sons of God.

The glorious Christ shines forth through earthen vessels even now. The resurrection life is not relegated to the future, but invades the present. The life of Jesus manifests itself in our mortal flesh.

As the sufferings of Christ’s death daily abound in you, you may be certain that the consolations of Christ’s life shall certainly follow, for Christ is your life, and you are risen with Him.

Each day let Thy supporting might
My weakness still embrace;
My darkness vanish in Thy light,
Thy life my death efface.

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